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Water Supply Services for Swimming Pools in Southern Ontario

Maple Leaf Water Supply can fill all types of swimming pools and ponds in Bowmanville and surrounding areas, saving you time, and money on your water bills. Whether you need a complete fill or just a top off, we can accommodate your request. 

All our units are equipped with pumps, which helps us reduce load time and allows trucks to unload in the shortest amount of time. Using multiple delivery methods, hoses and pumps, we have yet to encounter a job that we cannot service. 

Having a problem calculating how much water you need? Call us today to get an estimate.

Clean and Fresh Water Supply

Whether you own a commercial swimming pool or a private one and are in need of fresh clean water, we can help. As pure clean water is required for this type of delivery, we source water from municipal water systems in your area. Irrespective of the size, shape or location, we can meet your requirements. In addition to swimming pools, we also offer bulk water supply for construction projects, agricultural requirements, and more.

Want Your Pool Filled?

With our trucks, we can fill a regular sized pool in just a couple hours

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